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We Take The Worry Out Of Lead Generation

We provide exclusive, qualified leads on autopilot. When you have lead generation and prospecting under control, you’re free to focus on what you enjoy.

We work and partner with SMEs in the USA, UK Australia and Canada and have generated over 60,000 leads in the last 2 years alone.

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Organic Focus

We target, research and engage prospects then deliver qualified leads using LinkedIn and/or Email outreach.

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Paid Ad Focus

We provide exclusive leads using Google, Facebook, Display – or a combination – depending on requirements and niche.

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  • Booked Calls

  • Engaged Prospects

  • Interested Prospects

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How it works

B2B Lead Generation: LinkedIn and/or Email Outreach

  • In-depth analysis to get specific on your target market and offering

  • (LinkedIn) Profile optimization to increase responses

  • (LinkedIn) Outreach to 50-100 targeted prospects a day with a proven messaging sequence to elicit replies

  • (Email) Data mining contacts in your target market, no matter the business, industry or position

  • (Email) We craft a proven and powerful email campaign and deploy a series of 5 emails over a month

  • (Linkedin and Email) We help you follow up interested & engaged leads to maximize opportunities

  • Daily campaign management plus regular reporting & updates


Paid Ad Lead Generation: Facebook, Google & Display

  • In-depth analysis to get specific on your target market and offering

  • Comprehensive Facebook marketing strategy for lead generation

  • OR Comprehensive Google Ads strategy for lead generation

  • Exhaustive audience and/or keyword targeting research

  • Full setup and optimization, including creation of copy, graphics and landing pages

  • Daily campaign management plus regular reporting & updates

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Guaranteed Results

We have a 30-day money back performance guarantee. If we have not generated the leads as agreed within the first 30 days AND every month going forward, we will fire ourselves AND refund you.

Our role is to accelerate your success by removing the lead generation challenge so you can focus on what you do best.

We want to make it a complete NO-BRAINER for you. Simply give us 30 days to perform what we’re best at: lead generation. If we don’t supply the leads discussed, you’re covered by our 100% refund guarantee. No shenanigans. No questions asked.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click any of the buttons on the site and you will be directed to schedule your Discovery Call. That's where we learn more about each other. We'll have a pressure free conversation and if we both feel it's right, we'll arrange a longer strategy call. If you like our style, we can get cracking!
We use LinkedIn and/or Email to put your offering in front of your ideal prospects. We learn all about your offering and ideal target when we onboard you. We optimise your profile, then craft a simple but powerful messaging campaign sequence to elicit responses. We can also add in email to help boost conversion even further. Additionally, you get access to scripts and trainings to help you maximise the results from your leads.
We use Facebook ads, Google ads and Display ads - or a combination, depending on requirements. We get crystal clear on the leads you want then we get to work. We develop your strategy then create the appropriate assets, landing pages, funnels, copy and implement tracking. ​
Yes - absolutely! As part of our service, we offer a free client conversion audit. That is - what do you do with your leads. We'll assess your current process and offer possible suggestions from our "3-Stage Client Conversion System" which helps take interested prospects to high-value clients. If you like it, we can discuss implementing it for you.
We only offer lead generation and client conversion. That's our field of expertise. Keeping our business streamlined means we can focus on what we do best.
The short answer is "it depends". Depends on types of leads, quantity and any bespoke requirements. We have multiple levels of service depending on clients' needs and as such there is no one size fits all. Of course, price will be discussed in detail.
Yes, we operate a very generous referral package. Ask us if you would like to become an affiliate/referral partner and we'd be happy to discuss more details with you.


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